Streaking is Back: Valhalla’s Naked Ski Segment

Valhalla’s naked ski segment is already sparking laughter through dark cinemas from Tokyo to Tehran, with skiers and non-skiers alike. The disrobed boys and girls slip and slide down powdery lines, board and ski deep in the BC backcountry and ride the chairs at Whitewater.

Did the bare skiers and riders get warm blankets to heat up after a spill in the snow or did they just suck it up, hop on the chairlift and keep going? We hope they were given shots of whiskey at the bottom to keep up the morale.

“Getting 20 people naked together in the snow might be the pinnacle of our careers,” says Valhalla director Nick Waggoner. “But underneath that it was incredibly fun. Nobody really resisted, and the energy was contagious. As soon as people’s clothes came off there was this quiet sigh of relief, almost inaudible. What everyone had been raised to believe would be their most mortifying moment was actually their most fun, their most free, their most electric.”

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