Teva Gnarkosi: The Sieve Effect

Not so long ago if you wanted water shoes, you had neoprene booties, and that was about it. Ever tried navigating a rocky portage in flimsy neoprene with hardly any traction and no arch support? Always a bad time. Ever gone to the bar in neoprene? An even worse time. Fortunately, the people at Teva have invented the Gnarkosi, which we tested on a recent Madawaska River whitewater paddling trip. According to Teva, the new Gnarkosi is “designed in collaboration with professional wakeskaters and boasts incredible water performance qualities in a shoe that is begging to be rocked at the bar.”

We didn’t rock them at the bar, but we sure rocked them on Class III rapids and slippery rocks. Drain Frameā„¢ perforations in the toe and heel drain water like a sieve. And the Spider Original rubber is grippy enough for the best wakeskaters in the world to do their thing. Grippy enough for the best wakeskaters? More than grippy enough for the rest of us.

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