Friday Flick: Transcend

There are inspiring people and then there is Wesley Korir. Born in rural Kenya, Korir followed a running scholarship to Murray State University and went on to win multiple American … Read More


Jay Peak Revisited

By Colin Field. The first time I visited Vermont’s Jay Peak I was under ten. I barely remember it. Now, over 20 years later, and visiting with a son of … Read More


Eagle Pass Announces New Staging Facility

Eagle Pass Heliski has announced a new Day Heliski/Board Staging Facility for the upcoming 2014/15 winter season. This 5,800 square-foot facility, designed and built by Shawn West and Eric Chevalier ‐ … Read More


Hack the Brain, Move the Body

The autumnal season is probably the worst 25% of the year for outdoor folk. While Summer and Winter both have clear ideas of what we can do to get outside, … Read More